Rates & Rules


Non-Resident Non-Resident
All Super
Replay 9 Holes Junior/
April $59 $49 $59 $49 $59 $49 N/A $39 $51 $37 / $45
May - October $79 $64 $89 $74 $94 $74 $49 $55 $51 $50 / $60
November $59 $49 $59 $49 $59 $49 N/A $39 $39 $37 / $45

Local* Resident includes the following counties: Lewis, Harrison, Doddridge, Upshur, Gilmer or Braxton.

All golf rates are per person and include green fees, cart fees, range privileges prior to play, and complimentary GPS system. Sales tax not included.

Practice Area Use (1-Hour Period): $15 | Rental Clubs: $50

Rules of Play

USGA Rules Govern Play

Local Rules

  • Ball coming to rest across or lying on any public roadway is out of bounds.
  • No Play Zones in Penalty Areas holes 8 & 17 – search for balls and play from these areas are prohibited. No Play Zone indicated with signage and edge of Penalty Area is defined by the physical feature of the edge of the 6” high grass.
  • Golf Course Staff Members Have Full Authority To Maintain Rules And Pace Of Play For Everyone’s Enjoyment.
  • Replace divots or fill with sand, repair ball marks and rake bunkers after use and leave rake in the sand.
  • Proper golf attire to be worn by all guests and spectators (including non-metal spikes).
  • Fans are TEMPORARY IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (TIO).  Local rule as prescribed in Official Guide to the Rules of Golf is in effect.  A player may obtain relief if any part of the TIO intervenes directly between the player’s ball and the hole. 
  • Penalty Areas include areas where grass height is over 6”.  The edge of the Penalty Area is defined by the physical feature of the edge of the 6” high grass.  High grass areas abutting bunkers ARE NOT Penalty Areas.

General Etiquette

We ask that all golfers select the proper tee markers to play from based on their skill level. The Palmer Signature Course tee selections have been designed in the following way:

  • King's Course - Youth or those playing the King's Course short course
  • Red - Women 
  • Black - Senior men
  • White - Golfer's that drive the ball 240 yards or more
  • Blue - Golfer's that drive the ball 275 yards or more
  • Gold - Men with handicaps 4-10

Play the course at distance that allows a 4-ball match to finish 18 holes in 4 hours and 20 minutes or less.  Replace divots when possible/fill with sand when replacement not possible, repair ball marks and rake bunkers following play. 

Obey safety and directional signs and take shelter at the Golf Clubhouse in the event of lightning.

Golf Attire

Conventional golfing attire must be worn on the golf course. Athletic warm-up apparel, jeans (including designer jeans) of any color, t-shirts, undershirts, cut-offs, gym shorts, tennis shorts and sweat suits are not permitted. Men and boys must wear a collared shirt and women and girls with comparable type tops. Shorts must be of Bermuda length (no more than four inches above the knees.) Personal coolers, drinks and food not permitted. Beverage cart and/or snack bar service is available daily.

Golf Cart Rules

  • Each operator of a golf cart must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Note and obey all cart direction and information signs for your safety.
  • Carts are required to remain on golf cart paths without exception on par 3 holes and those holes with signs, ropes, fences or curbs.
  • Starter and/or Golf Shop Staff will inform golfers of the Cart Rule for the day.
  • Cart Rule is also posted at the Starter’s stand.
  • When “Scatter” cart rule in effect please exit path at the green post nearest tee box and return to cart path at green post nearest putting green.
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