Team Building

At Stonewall Resort we are dedicated to creating unique, memorable events for team building, corporate meetings, management retreats, leadership trainings and more. We facilitate programs to challenge, impress and grow your team.

A person is golfing, focusing on a putt on a green course with trees and blue sky in the background.

Let's Tee-m Up

This customizable event brings everyone together outside on the greens. Choose from a scramble, fling golf (with clinic) or traditional golf clinic experience, and bring the team “tee’d up” and ready to win.

A crime scene investigation setup includes evidence tags, a magnifying glass, a gun, keys, a bullet casing, a report, and a cell phone.

Who Dun it?

Treat them to a three-course dinner…and death! Engaging and hilarious, our Murder Mystery team experience is perfect for larger groups. The package offers a variety of storyline themes from which you can choose. Each team competes to unravel clues and identify the murderer while enjoying the art of performance dinner theatre.

Hiking boots on a person's feet standing on a rock, with a forest trail in the background and sunlight filtering through the trees ending the sentence.

Take a Hike

Fresh air, exercise and woodland wisdom are the features of this team building experience. Group members will trod amidst the trees on one of our 16 developed trails, guided by one of our entertaining and knowledgeable outdoor pros.

Several people are clinking glasses containing a variety of colorful beverages at what seems to be a celebratory gathering.

Mix it Up

It all begins with a little black box. Always a hit, this mixology experience provides each team with a unique box of secret ingredients used to race against the clock to design their own signature martini or margarita. Everyone toasts the winning team and enjoys the libations of their labor.

Three bowls of different sauces (mustard, white herb, and red tomato) on a wooden board with tomatoes, forks, and herbs around it.

Can we Guac?

Who doesn’t love a great dip? In this culinary event your group will create their own signature dip using a wide variety of our fresh ingredients. Judged by one of the resort chefs, the coveted Dip Award is presented to one team based on dip taste, creativity and presentation.

An assortment of spices, including cinnamon, turmeric, red chili, lentils, black pepper, star anise, cardamom, and bay leaves on a dark background.

Fire and Spice

Heat up your team’s energy with the always popular Chili Cook-Off culinary competition. Each team is provided with a wide variety of fresh ingredients and challenged to excite the taste buds of the judges - members of our own professional culinary team. Or take home the title of Peolpe's Choice Chili!

Three people are looking at a large map outside, smiling and appearing to enjoy themselves.

Scavenger Hunt: Picture the Perfect Team

This adventure brings out the competitive shutter bug in everyone. Teams are provided with clues and race throughout the resort’s beautiful property to figure out and capture the answer using their own mobile devices. Exercise, exploration, collaboration and creativity make this a team favorite.

A person adjusts a red bicycle on a bike rack, wearing a white and black jacket, with a focus on the hand and bike components.

Building Good

This philanthropic-centric team experience is a win-win. Your team is given the parts to a bike in a work space and challenged to assemble it without instructions. Collaboration and cooperation result in the opportunity to give back, as the bike is donated to the charity of the team’s choice.

A person is holding a fishing rod with a reel attached, casting it towards a lake in the foreground, with trees and a bright sky in the background.

Go Fish

Go ahead, let your team enjoy some quiet time on the water! They’ll explore our 23 mile lake aboard one of our well-stocked water craft accompanied by our own expert angler. Secluded on the peaceful lake waters, participants have the opportunity to reflect, contemplate and share. Prizes can be awarded for first bite, first catch, most fish caught, longest cast, most creative bait, and (of course) the grand prize: the biggest catch!

A woman assists two people with a painting project in a classroom setting, all smiling and wearing aprons.

Art and Vine

This experience encourages your team members to release their inner artists while we pour them a glass (or two) of wine. Our resident artist from Ember Arts guides your team members through basic techniques. Surrounded by music and expansive views of the lake and resort landscape, participants learn more about themselves and each other while creating their own masterpiece on canvas.

A person in a checkered shirt is harvesting a bunch of ripe, dark grapes from a vineyard, surrounded by green leaves.

Touch of Tuscany

This intimate outdoor culinary experience takes place near the resort at Lambert’s Vineyard. Surrounded by rolling countryside reminiscent of the storied Italian valley, your team will work together on a lovely outdoor patio to learn the ancient art of wine blending. They’ll also design eight-inch pizzas and bake them on the Vineyard’s handcrafted wood-fired stove. Secluded in this peaceful setting, your team will appreciate this event’s creativity and time to reconnect.

A wooden shooting range with people aiming rifles, set against a background of green trees and a blue sky, is shown in the image.

Taking Aim

Clay shooting can be an exciting activity for teams and groups. Located just 15 minutes away, Stonewall Sporting Clays offers a heated five stand and a professional guide to accompany your shoot.  The 16-station course features state-of-the art Promatic Traps, which allow guests to control the pace of the experience with a handheld remote. Beginners can start slow, while experienced shooters can test their accuracy and precision.

  • Exclusive discount for groups by booking through Stonewall Resort 

  • Per person pricing includes gun, ammo, shells, safety gear and instruction!

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