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Stonewall Jackson Dam Tours

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The Stonewall Jackson Dam is open for tours on a limited basis. Because of increased security levels nationwide, strict security guidelines must be followed for dam tours. Groups of 6 or more people should call 304-269-4588 at least 2 weeks in advance to request a tour.

Also, at the Stonewall Jackson Lake Visitors Center, off of Exit 96, is a Wildlife Display, the 1 mile Friendship Trail and a scenic overlook. For more information, call the dam directly at 304-269-4588.

Facts about the Stonewall Jackson Dam

The Stonewall Jackson Dam is located on the West Fork River, three miles south of the county seat at Weston, West Virginia and 73 miles upstream from the river’s mouth. From its source in Lewis and Upshur Counties, the West Fork  River flows northward for 98.7 miles to Fairmont, West Virginia. There it joins the Tygart River to form the Monongahela River.

The dam has the capability to store the equivalent run-off of 7.1 inches of precipitation from its 101.8 square mile drainage area. The project’s flood damage reduction benefits were first demonstrated while it was still under construction when it prevented damages estimated in excess of $25 million during the 1985 Election Day Flood. To date, Stonewall Jackson has prevented flood damages estimated to be nearly $155 million. Development of the project required the acquisition of 20,451 acres of land. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers retains 330 acres of land at the dam site for operation of the dam and support facilities. All remaining federal lands are leased to the state of West Virginia. These consist of roughly 2,000 acres managed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources as a state park and 18,289 acres of land and water managed for public hunting and fishing.

Dam Statistics

Project Area20,451 acres
Drainage Area Above Dam101.8 square miles
Construction Cost$208 Million
Type of Structure

Concrete Gravity with an Uncontrolled Center Spillway

Height Above Streambed95 ft.
Length620 ft.
Width at Base113 ft.
Volume of Concrete107,550 Cubic Yards
Outlet WorksThree 3.5'x7' Flood Control Sluices and two 2.5'x4' Water Quality Control Sluices

 Lake Statistics

Length at Normal Pool26 Miles
Shoreline at Normal Pool82 Miles
Area at Maximum2,470 Acres
Area at Normal (summer pool)2,650 acres
Elevation (feet above National Geodetic Vertical Detum

Maximum: 1,082 Ft.

Normal: 1,073.2 Ft.

Streambed at Dam: 1,007 Ft.